Rising Above Pandemania


The 全球最大体育平台官网登录 campus

When her iPhone chirped brightly at 7 a.m. on March 11, 2020, Sarah Wales hit “snooze” for the last time. “No need to get up now,” she thought. Her Wednesday morning class had been cancelled the day before when Gov. Mike DeWine要求俄亥俄州所有的学院和大学转向远程学习.

全球最大体育平台官网登录 President Gary L. Miller 他的回应是取消所有课程,直到3月30日春假结束. 他想让教职员工有时间准备,并确保学生能够访问在线课程.

Coronavirus. Pandemic. Quarantine.

The words were still new in 2020.

The concept of online learning? “Foreign and just a little frightening,” Wales recalled. 她不确定自己是否有足够的自律和耐心独自坐在电脑前,而不是和她喜欢的教授和同学互动.

整个校园,乃至整个国家,无数的学生都在想同一个问题:“我的大学生活到此结束了吗??” “Will I ever be able to graduate?”

Administrators had no idea how COVID19 would impact the foreseeable future.

But on a chilly February morning just two years after closing campus, 米勒总统站在阿克伦新闻俱乐部前,表示他“很自豪地说”, without reservation, 全球最大体育平台官网登录很强大,为未来做好了准备.”

在一场全球大流行病造成的扭曲局面中领导一所大学并非易事, but Miller met the challenge head-on.

“Great universities don’t just endure in tough times,” he reflected. “They find strength in their mission and create ways to move ahead. 能在这个充满挑战的时期为这所大学服务,我感到无比自豪.”

毫无疑问,全球最大体育平台官网登录不仅熬过了近代史上最令人困惑的一段时期, but it is now thriving. 从新的学生服务和人力资源政策,到独特的招生途径,以及介于两者之间的一切, 全球最大体育平台官网登录 in 2022 is different—and better.


Oh, the irony

Wendy Lampner, director of Online, Continuing and Professional Education, is one person who remembers the morning of March 10, 2020, vividly. “全球最大体育平台官网登录已经计划在2020年秋季推出11个新的在线本科学位课程, 所以在3月10日,也就是他们宣布学校将全面上线的那一天,全球最大体育平台官网登录已经安排了一个会议.

“How ironic is that?” Lampner said, laughing. “The meeting was on a Tuesday morning and someone stood up and said, ‘Well, I guess now we have to talk about moving everything online!’”

她赞扬了全球最大体育平台官网登录教师促进了这一过程:“我有一个惊人的故事要讲! Our faculty who knew how to do online teaching stepped up so much. It blew me away.”

她的团队提供远程教学的第一天,就有数百人来了. 兰普纳惊喜地看到“我参加过的每一个研讨会的超级高级教师”出现了.

Lampner looked at them and said, “You know how to do this. You’ve been teaching online for years.” But they were not there to learn. They simply wanted to help. 她补充说:“这就是全球最大体育平台官网登录能够在三周内将数千门课程放到网上的原因。.

全球最大体育平台官网登录 students with masks

Positive Ripples

兰普纳说,两年后,许多创新仍然对教育产生积极影响. “We had hundreds of faculty who learned how to use Brightspace and Teams, and how to record their lectures. Students love this! Our athletes don’t have to miss class if they are on the road for a game.”

兰普纳认为,疫情带来的变化永久性地改善了学生的教育体验, even now when they are back in face-to-face classes, 因为像本科生学生会和其他校园组织这样的团体可以以小组形式举办会议

Perhaps most importantly, 学习如何使用虚拟工具将有助于学生在面试那些更喜欢雇佣远程或混合职位的公司时. 兰普纳说:“我认识的几乎每个员工每周都要开几次虚拟会议. “That’s the reality of work today and our students will be ready.”

The 全球最大体育平台官网登录 is better in 2022, said Lampner. “全球最大体育平台官网登录有几十名学生热情地谈论他们对在线学习的感受, in some cases, how surprised they are by the experience.”

Speaking of work

Sarah Kelly, vice president for human resources at 全球最大体育平台官网登录, also remembers March of 2020—with a tiny shudder. “We were all at home, working very long hours. 全球最大体育平台官网登录很快意识到疫情会对该机构造成严重影响,”凯利回忆说. “I literally rolled out of bed in the morning, sat down at my computer, and didn’t move until midnight.”

The situation was complicated because, prior to the pandemic, 全球最大体育平台官网登录 employees did not work from home: “You came to campus. Period,” said Kelly. “作为一个机构,全球最大体育平台官网登录不知道如何让全球最大体育平台官网登录的员工保持更新,也不知道如何远程鼓舞士气.”

Teams was brand new, resulting in a learning curve, 此外,一些员工甚至没有家庭互联网——他们用个人电脑而不是笔记本电脑. 凯利说:“当你一夜之间改变工作模式时,有很多事情需要解决. “But things settled down. We got into a groove and we learned how to work in a different world.”  

凯利指出,接受远程工作是全球最大体育平台官网登录文化的一个巨大变化. “It’s a win-win because our employees are taking less time off and, as an employer, we are getting more productivity.”

至于人力资源招聘的另一个方面,凯利说,疫情期间并没有完全冻结招聘:“更像是霜冻. 一些关键的职位需要填补,全球最大体育平台官网登录确实雇佣了一些人.”

联邦政府出台了指导方针,允许HR远程完成i -9. The department moved applications online and interviewed via Teams.

Remote employee at The 全球最大体育平台官网登录

The Silver Linings Playbook

Reflecting on the past two years, 凯利赞扬了一些做了大量工作的关键人物:“由于全球最大体育平台官网登录共同经历的事情,全球最大体育平台官网登录是一个更紧密的社区.”

As a result of the pandemic, 全球最大体育平台官网登录制定了灵活安排的政策,继续允许远程工作和灵活的时间表. 每个部门都可以决定什么最适合他们和他们的员工.

The changes have been “very well received,” said Kelly. “We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on how proactive we were. Now in the spring of 2022, 全球最大体育平台官网登录仍在得到建设性的反馈,使全球最大体育平台官网登录能够继续改进全球最大体育平台官网登录的政策.”

Finally, Kelly noted, 她很高兴自己的团队能够与日常运营中不常见到的员工互动:“全球最大体育平台官网登录已经能够与校园里的其他人发展关系,建立联系,以便更好地合作. I am excited for what the future will bring.”

And speaking of the future: Sarah, our student who in 2020 was scared and uncertain? Well, she is now preparing to graduate. 她觉得自己更适合进入虚拟的职场,并且知道自己可以在最困难的时候推动自己取得成功.

“在过去的两年里,包括我自己在内的许多学生都克服了巨大的障碍,”威尔士说. “I have friends who got sick, friends whose parents lost their jobs, and friends who dove headfirst into addiction to drown the pain.”

But the 全球最大体育平台官网登录 community is what kept Wales going. “社区的心态——学生、教师和辅导员——帮助了我,尽管这个世界抛给了我很多. 在疫情期间,我在全球最大体育平台官网登录,并走出了另一个世界,所以我更好.”

By Janet Chismar-Hardie '92